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Dr. Mittie D. Cannon

Founder/Executive Director

Rachel M. Roque

Consulting Program Manager

Power UP Inc.


Dr. Mittie D. Cannon has been engaged in workforce development in the construction industry for over two decades. Over the years, she recognized that statistically the construction industry was consistently challenged to pull in a qualified and diverse workforce – specifically, the industries overwhelming deficit in female employees. Through recognizing this critical shortage, Dr. Cannon has developed a passion for exposing young women to careers in construction through innovative programing. Dr. Cannon initially ran summer camps for young women to expose them to careers in the construction industry. Those successful programs, lead Dr. Cannon to her brain child, Power Up: It’s a Mother Daughter Thing! 

In early 2015, Dr. Cannon began envisioning a program that would introduce young women and their mothers to exciting careers in construction. To ensure success in her programing, she sought out partnerships with industry leaders who had also expressed a desire in bringing about a more diverse construction industry workforce.  Dr. Cannon leaned on her community, construction industry, and educational connections and in October 2015 a collaborative partnership was formed to present our signature program Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing!. This collaborative partnership includes Central Six AlabamaWorks! and Central Six Development Council (501c3), Girls Inc. of Central Alabama, Robins & Morton and AIDT/AWTC.  Since inception our signature program has had tremendous success with over 800 attendees, employer partners, training providers, and higher education institutions.

Because Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing! was a success, Power UP Inc. was founded and has since developed the following programs: Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing!, Power UPs (PUPs), Power UP Loud, Power UP… Way UP!, Power UP the Summer, and Power UP Workshops.

Power UP, Inc. is the first organization of its kind, and is consistently at the forefront of educating young talent. We use innovative solutions to create partnerships at all levels, and work diligently at removing barriers that have prohibited the development of a diversified and strong workforce for the construction industry. 



Power UP has achieved ground breaking success in our efforts to work across multiple disciplines to create strategic partnerships for our youth participants.

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will. 

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

“It was amazing to see how everything came together and I enjoyed being a part of something that big. Hopefully I get the chance to do it again next year.”


— Nayla Stubbs, welding student from Fairfield High Preparatory School

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