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Our focus it to highlight Women In Construction, Power UP Inc.'s monthly feature recognizes the success and diversity of the female workforce within the construction industry. Learn how these women, along with young students, continue to improve the diversity and status in the construction industry.




Samantha is currently a Project Manager within the Security Department at Marathon Electrical Contractors (MEC) - International Division.

Samantha received a BS in Business Marketing from Troy University. It wasn’t until after college that she realized she wanted to be a part of the construction industry.

“I had always wanted to do sales but shortly after I started my sales career I was very unhappy and didn’t find it to be the right challenge for me, so I went back to school to pursue a master’s degree. Math has always been my favorite subject and engineering had always interested me but I’m a people person with a big personality so when searching for a master’s program I looked for something that catered to both, Project Management was the answer.

I enrolled in a construction project management program online at The University of Wisconsin and was blessed with the opportunity to come work with Marathon Electrical Contractors while I was still in school. I knew nothing about electrical work and very little about what it took to be a project manager, but they hired me on as an Assistant PM in their international division and from there enrolled me in their NCCER apprenticeship program to gain better knowledge of the electrical field. I’ve also taken advantage of the multiple training classes and certifications that Marathon Electrical Contractors offers to further your advancement in the construction industry”.

 Samantha’s career of 4 years with MEC has provided her the opportunities to travel abroad and even live overseas for a short period of time.

“Being a female in the construction industry has opened several opportunities for me that I never would have gotten otherwise, and I’ve loved every second of my job. While it has its challenges, it’s been an extremely rewarding job and career I will continue to pursue for the long haul”.