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Our focus it to highlight Women In Construction, Power UP Inc.'s monthly feature recognizes the success and diversity of the female workforce within the construction industry. Learn how these women, along with young students, continue to improve the diversity and status in the construction industry.


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Gloria Samuel

Gloria Samuel is a Project Solutions Executive with Messer Construction Co. She started with Messer as a co-op in 2001, becoming full-time in 2004.  During her career at Messer she has worked on several projects ranging from $2 million to $175 million dollars in project value.  Responsibilities on those projects include developing and maintaining project schedules, monitoring budgets, creating and maintaining relationships with owners, overseeing construction work, and monitoring the safety of all project individuals.    


In addition to the above noted responsibilities, she has been able to diversify her experiences with other opportunities during her tenure at Messer. Those opportunities included assisting in the Estimating department to budget for future projects, leading the cost management requirements on the Horseshoe Cincinnati Casino (now called Jack Casino Cincinnati), and assisting with raising awareness of the opportunities at Messer to potential future minority employees. Her current role in the company is the delivery of process and training for construction project cost management.


Her Bachelor of Science in Construction Management was earned from the University of Cincinnati in 2004. Eager to make some advancements in her career, she went back to obtain her MBA from the University of Cincinnati which was completed in 2008. To further advance her leadership skills, she graduated with Class XVII of the African American Leadership Development Program (now called Urban Leaders), gaining the necessary tools to become a better leader in the community and her organization. She was recognized with the Urban League Journey Award in 2015 and recently as ENR’s Midwest Top Young Professionals for 2018.


In addition to her full-time responsibilities at Messer, she has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Cincinnati in the College of Engineering and Applied Science department for seven years. In this role, she can positively impact future leaders of the Construction industry and provide practical experience to their learning. She also enjoys being able to share her journey and offer mentorship to other young individuals who are aspiring to grow in their careers.  She has had the opportunity to be the guest speaker at the Cincinnati Chapter of National Association of Women in Construction Annual Event, the Nation Council of Negro Women Ohio State Coalition annual meeting, and multiple Cincinnati Public Schools, including Schroder High School’s annual Women’s Day.


Recognizing her passion for helping others and the need of leadership support for local non-profit organizations, she looked for opportunities to channel her talents. She is currently a board member for Tuskegee University’s Construction Science Industry Advisory Board, Cornerstone Renter Equity and the Cincinnati chapter of ACE Mentor Program of America, and counts a number of community-focused organizations in her past board service. In her engagement role with Tuskegee, she has helped modify the program to include practical experience, allowing many of their students to take on co-op jobs with Messer, which has led to full-time employment for those students. And with ACE, a national organization that works to introduce architecture, construction and engineering as career choices to high school students, she has been part of an effort to revitalize the Cincinnati chapter through relationship development in the community, creating new advocates and supporters of the organization from local trade schools and businesses, which contributes to the program’s success. As a result of this work, ACE’s program with Woodward High School is in its second year since being reestablished.


She is the proud wife of Jeff Samuel, and mother of two boys, Antonio Wooten, Jr and Jeffery Samuel, Jr. In addition, she is bilingual in Japanese, having studied the language for eleven years, from elementary through high school, and looks forward to visiting Japan in the near future.