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Our focus it to highlight Women In Construction, Power Up's monthly feature recognizes the success and diversity of the female workforce within the construction industry. Learn how these women, along with young students, continue to improve the diversity and status in the construction industry.


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Kayleen McCabe

Think construction is a guys-only field?  Think again! Licensed contractor Kayleen McCabe has been swinging hammers and toting tool belts since the ripe age of six, when she shadowed her dad’s overhaul of their Denver home. In 2009 she beat dozens of male competitors for the grand prize on TV's Stud Finder: her own series.

For five seasons, DIY Network’s Rescue Renovation showcased Kayleen’s skills and wit as she’s swept in and saved almost one hundred ill-fated home renovations, from an NFL running back’s kitchen to a coalmine-turned-man-cave. 

But nails aren’t the only thing you’ll find Kayleen hammering. She’s an ardent advocate of trade careers and education, long seen as inferior to traditional four-year college degrees and white-collar jobs. Her goal is to shed light on the rising demand for trade professionals that’s outpacing vocational training – and to help restore America’s respect for the trades in the process.