Power UP Inc. is a non-profit youth organization leading the charge toward engaging young girls, along with their mothers, to explore careers in the construction industry. 

Power UP Inc. is the first organization of its kind, and has been at the forefront of educating young talent, creating partnerships at all levels and removing barriers as factors in developing a diversified and stronger workforce for the construction industry.


Our Mission

The mission of “Power UP: It’s a Mother-Daughter Thing” is to empower young women and their mothers to become engaged, educated and explore career opportunities in the construction industry. Our primary goals are to:

  • Educate girls and their mothers on pathways into the construction industry
  • Engage girls and their mothers through one-on-one dialogue with women and employers in the construction industry
  • Explore the construction industry with hands-on activities that reflect real-world situations

This collaborative effort was born out of the recognition that there has been a systemic failure to educate young talented women and encourage them to become engaged in STEM fields in general, but specifically within the construction industry. Careers in the construction industry are not only exciting and interesting, but can additionally be lucrative when held by individuals with the right skillsets, industry knowledge and training.  Power UP, Inc. is committed to assisting young women in obtaining these skills.



  • Engaged and Encouraged Young Talent
  • Provided Training Resources
  • Provided Professional Development

Power UP Inc. aims to continue to enhance the things we have already achieved, and look forward to adding many other milestones to our repertoire.

“It was amazing to see how everything came together and I enjoyed being a part of something that big. Hopefully I get the chance to do it again next year.”
— Nayla Stubbs, welding student from Fairfield High Preparatory School